Check out what some entrepreneurs had to say after they took a melaniewilsonmedia writing coaching session:


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Very worthwhile workshop!  We focused on writing for impact, since frequently I go on and on and don't grab the reader's attention quickly enough and with enough interest. We brainstormed ideas for my business and I learned how to streamline my message. I've already incorporated a new approach in my weekly parenting tips, emails, and social media posts. 

Parenting Matters


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​​I was impressed with how much I learned in one morning--enough to change significantly the way I speak to my customers and prospects. My 'About Me' boiler plate statement for my web site and press releases is now written with a different voice. We reworked several social media and blog posts and planned for future ones. I was able to redefine who my customers are as we brainstormed ways to reach them more efficiently. Anyone who uses written words to communicate will benefit from this workshop! 

Scooch a Mi Boutique



I had a great experience and would highly recommend this workshop to both entrepreneurs who are starting their business and veterans who need a fresh outlook on marketing. Melanie was very through with her workshop material. She helped me think from my customer's point of view. I was very pleased that Melanie didn’t rush through the workshop; she gave me more than required time to educate me on how to market my products,

Bijoullie Jewelry


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This bootcamp helped me become more confident in expressing my thoughts and actually getting them on paper.  The information and knowledge that I gained gave me the push I needed to move forward with my business.  I Highly recommend it to anyone that is starting a new business, already in business, or just needs a refresher on how to write.  Looking forward to taking Melanie's next class.

Healthy Food, Happy Mood


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Writing for Business Bootcamp is a workshop all business owners need; working with Melanie one-on-one to discuss my business goals and marketing direction was immensely helpful. We were able to really focus in on the steps I needed to take next within my business. Melanie was really interested in my work and seeing that I succeed. That came across in the wealth of information she shared, as well as her direct and honest suggestions.



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Your workshop will be tailored to include some of the following:

  • you will understand the types of news that you should be promoting

  • you will gain a basic understanding of how to write an interesting press release

  • you can create a calendar for your blog posts and begin generating content

  • you will look at your "About Me" page through new eyes

  • you will learn what makes a strong sales letter

  • you will learn creative ways to share your press

  • you will find new ways to get quoted as an expert in your field.

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