You have a unique story:  learn how to tell it

Hi, I’m Melanie. I am a content writer and coach who shows entrepreneurial women how to choose the words that will clarify a message, tell a story, and help business grow.

Your customer is distracted. 


How do you make sure that your customers find you amid the flashing text, myriad emails, social media ads, fancy video, and moving images they are hit with all day?   

How do you stand out from the crowd with all these visual distractions?  

Good content marketing tells a story that will get you noticed.

Your customer is buying YOU and what you can deliver for them.  You need to make sure that your words are delivering your message, in your authentic voice.  


Sometimes, it feels like good writing is a lost art.  I am on a personal mission to protect the power of the printed word.  When your words are well crafted, your customer will take note.

melaniewilsonmedia will help you craft your blog, social media posts, web site copy, "About Me" page, sales letters, press releases and more to help you stand out.  

Work with me and you will learn how to create engaging written content that your customers will notice.

Don't let your message get lost.


T: (908) 337-5402

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