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Who would get to play Whoopi Goldberg?

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Who would get to play Whoopi Goldberg?

The question had to be asked after I came up with the idea for “The Phew”--a panel discussion I was planning for the next meeting of BIG--the women’s empowerment group.

The panel would focus on the things that women need to know about their finances and legal status in case they were faced with an emergency in their marriage, relationship, or business.

“The Phew,” because once hearing the tips from our experts, the participants would say Phew, I’m glad I know that now.

Every good event needs adequate planning, and this one is no exception.

The participants met for a lovely lunch of grilled chicken and quinoa salad at Michele Fine’s office in downtown Summit.

We were trying to figure out how to combine the expertise of two family law attorneys, two bankers, and a divorce/matchmaking consultant. Topics for discussion were being formulated as we chatted.

The women present had questions about each other’s fields of expertise. The discussion was lively.

Stop, I said. This is the meeting. We need to recreate this organic discussion for the actual event. We need to set it up like a coffee klatch. Kind of like “The View.” Hey...the light bulb went off in my head.

But, I fretted that too much good information was being shared in that conference room, and, already armed with the answers to questions such as “what is the difference between mediation and collaboration,” the questions would not be re-asked at the actual event.

So they stopped talking.

The conversation will be picked up again on September 26 at the BIG meeting at 10 am at Twin Maples in Summit. All women are welcome. Comment if you would like more details.

Welcome to The Phew, Welcome to The Phew, Welcome to the Phew.

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#believeinspiregrow #womenentrepreneurs #networking #thephew #whoopigoldberg



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