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Welcome to My Web Site: The Cobbler's Children Are No Longer Barefoot!

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

This web site was created on a bit of a dare.

You see, I had gone so far as to buy my domain name and make a feeble attempt at creating something for this space at least twice in the past few years.  Both times, I let the site expire, and "kept as new" the emails from the provider that ominously warned me that someone else just might come along and gobble up my domain name.  Yes, melaniewilsonmedia is a hot commodity, I'm sure.  

Sometimes you need to just put it "out there" to force yourself to perfect what you are working on

Last month, I hosted a BIG meeting.  (BIG is a fablulous women's empowerment group for women at all stages of their careers from stay-at-home moms to seasoned entrepreneurs--I will be making references to it often)  At this meeting, our speaker, Andrea Silvershein, challenged the women to present to divulge something that they have been putting off for their business for at least six months.

That one was easy for me--my web site.  I told them that this is a classic case of the shoemaker's children going barefoot.  My business is to support women who want to communicate better with their customers.  Part of that is to advise them on how their web site comes across, and what steps they can take to make their writing speak better for them.  

Andrea called me out and used me as a case example.  What would it take for you to get it done, she asked?  How many hours to write the copy, find the photos, organize the pages.  I had no idea...and still don't.  

But, for the past few weeks I have taken a few hours every day and have created this space.  It is absolutely a work in progress. One night, I worked for a few hours and when I went to preview the site, my efforts had disappeared. I learned quickly that working on this site is not like working on a Google actually have to save the changes. The first way that I learned to "save" the site was to actually publish it. I existed! My business was real!

I was so excited about it and could not keep my mouth shut about it, so the next morning I showed it on the sly to one very good friend who supported me by laughing uncontrollably when she got to a page that said "I am a paragraph.  You can change me to say anything you want," or something like that.  I'm afraid there will be many like that on the site, but I am really enjoying trying to put it together.  I don't have a clear vision for it yet.  In may case, the blog posts and other writing are infinitely easier that the formatting stuff.  

I'm kind of writing this message to myself, since my plan is not to launch publicly until these words are meaningless and the site is a bit more professional.  But, I do get excited and will probably continue to let it leak.  If you are one of the chosen, enjoy the "I am a paragraph" grassroots feel, and do let me know what you think!

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