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Oh Right, Write! Finding Inspiration for your Blog Posts

Updated: Jan 24

Having writer’s block?

You can find inspiration to write in oh so many places. Sometimes. Other times, your reason to write is right in front of your face.

One day this week, I was on my way to a new non-fiction business book club with a dozen or so smart, sassy, women-business owners. The meeting was in the next town, and on my way over I got to see miles and miles of the most beautiful ice-covered trees that looked like a coffee-table photography book come alive.

I noticed one particularly beautiful tree with a branch hanging near the road. A red leaf was clinging to it.

Surely, there was a story there. Perhaps something about perseverance and determination, as personified by that lone leaf hanging onto that low-hanging branch?

Something about natural beauty and gratitude?

Wasn’t there something metaphorical for me to discuss?

I went to the book group and listened. The discussion was on “Stories that Stick,” by Kindra Hall.

I am not a big nonfiction reader. I like to get lost in novels. But this book spoke to me.

It was all about how essential it is to use stories to further our businesses. My business is teaching women the skills they need to make their words resonate with their customers, and then make them want to know more.

We went around the table and gave a little speech about how we felt about the book, and whether or not we felt we used stories, could use stories, or felt that we could successfully incorporate the method into our businesses.

I felt like a kid in a candy store...or someone who was watching a play-within-a-play drama. As each woman spoke, I silently crafted the story she should be sharing on her “About Me” portion of her website. The possibilities are limited only by your ability to imagine and create.

Face it, in this world of diversions, we are lucky if people scan our words. For the most part, people want dazzle. It may be the ads that are busy with graphics and fancy designs that catch our attention, but it is the ones that tell a story that we can connect with that we remember. This is the point Kindra made.

When you want to write something, but your words and thoughts are just a tad out of reach, think about a story. The simplest moment can become a story. Just a slice of life that gives you pause.

When you are trying to sell the benefits of working with your company, tell a story. When you are crafting an email, tell a story.

It could be about something as simple as driving down the street on an icy morning.

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