• Melanie Wilson

Nobody Cares About You! Write for your CUSTOMER

Updated: Jan 24

Worst thing I ever read.

Yesterday I received a beautiful newsletter from a woman I know. It had lovely photos, great color, and a professional design. So what’s the problem? It was all about HER and HER BUSINESS and not a word about what she can do for ME. Even the email teaser message had an “I” in it. In fact, no exaggeration, there were 23 “I” “me” or “my” words sprinkled throughout. That is just a desecration of Sales Writing 101.

Remember, your readers want to know how your expertise, products and customers will benefit THEM. #writingworkshops

The people you want to do business with are selfish. Play to their needs and you will see your business grow. Bottom line, nobody cares about you! It’s all about what you can do for them. Got it?

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