• Melanie Wilson

Merry Birthday--the Joy and the Sorrow of Your December Birthday

Everyone always comes home for the holidays. From their respective schools, jobs, vacations. I bet it’s that way at your house too.

So nice! Everyone sticks around for as long as they can...into the new year, even..

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is quiet. We are all busy watching movies, eating leftovers, doing mall returns and raiding the sales. We relax. Regroup. Plan vacations. It’s a quiet family time and it is my favorite time of the year.

But what happens when your birthday falls during this week?

In my house, we always make a big deal about birthdays.

Heck, it’s not a birthday, it’s a birthweek.

When I was a kid, people constantly asked me if I felt that I lost out having my birthday between Christmas and New Year's. Maybe I did.

Although never once did I have school on my birthday, that ”combined present” struggle was real. And it always came wrapped up in dreidel or Rudolph wrapping paper.

When I was growing up, my parents did a great job keeping my birthday a separate occasion, but everyone else, not so much.

While everyone else got to have two distinct times of the year to revel, my festivities were concentrated into a single week.

And with a birthday that fell on “New Year’s Eve Eve,” for a number of years, I always woke up on the actual New Year’s Eve tired and hungover. What are the two biggest nights in a teenager’s life? Birthday and New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t fun having them two nights in a row.

Now, I see having a December holiday birthday as such a blessing because my whole family is always together.

And, sure, a tiny part of the reason they are sticking around is because the fire is roaring, the food smells are wafting, the laundry is folded. They lounge in their new holiday PJs and recover from their stressful semester and busy jobs.

Is that why they stay, a teeny tiny Grinchy voice in my head asks.

Nah, they are here to celebrate my birthday!

Happy Birthweek to me!

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