• Melanie Wilson

How to Remain Relevant to Your Customers During the Corona Crisis Without Appearing Trite

Crafting your message right now can be difficult, but don’t stop communicating.

As business owners, it is important for us to continue to speak to our customers and prospects; we just need to be careful not to come across as opportunistic.

Our inboxes are just filled with messages from every single company we have ever done business with detailing how they are responding to this crisis. A lot of it is useless information that you just don’t need to know.

And with all that information overload, it’s easy for important--or helpful--messages to get lost.

That initial influx of messages is pretty much over, as we are going on the assumption that everything is pretty much postponed or cancelled.

Now, the messages that need to get through are the ones that can help us survive this crisis--physically, mentally, and financially. Those don’t have to be health related, but merely helpful.

What if I get a sudden toothache?

I feel like expelling my newly home-schooled children. How can I get through this?

How can I spend so much time in the house with my husband?

My internet is slow with everyone using it, is there any tech help?

What do I do if I really run out of toilet paper?

Some types for buying and selling stock when the market has crazy fluctuations.

Will going out to the store for necessities become banned?

My wedding is coming up--what do I do now?

Fourteen ways to eat canned food.

Who is offering on-line exercise classes?

What are some good organizing tips I can use right now to make the best use of all this time home?

How do I get a refund for my cancelled vacation?

Things you can use around the house as gym equipment

What can you do in the garden now to get ready for spring?

If I call 9-1-1 for another medical emergency, will I likely pick up the virus?

What can we do if we think we have the virus?

If I go into labor, how safe will my baby be?

How to commit to a college if there are no “Accepted Students” days?

What to do about your hair/nails/eyelashes with salons shut down.

Paying your nanny/housecleaner/personal trainer if they aren’t coming.

How to stay safe when you need to go to the drugstore.

Tips for online job interviews.

This is just a sampling of ideas for blog posts you could share if your business expertise can answer any of these questions--Facebook entries, blog posts and emails you could write right now to keep you relevant to your customers and provide need-to-know information.

These types of posts will not sound trite when you are providing value. Conversely, they will keep you on the forefront of your customer’s thoughts as you provide them with useful, helpful information.

Pretty much every type of business has information for articles to write that can be valuable. You just have to find yours and share them.



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