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Halloween Cancelled? Wait...what???

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

All over social media this week are posts and comments on both sides of the “move Halloween” issue.

On one side are the parents-of-a-certain-age who remember when we were kids and we bundled up and put in our hard-collecting hours, regardless of the weather.

On the flip side are parents who don’t want to see their kiddies miss out on the festivities, so they are urging their towns to declare alternate days

as the “official” Halloween.

Hammonton, NJ will have door-to-door trick-or-treating a day early on Wednesday. The local police department and the school district spearheaded that effort. Little ghosts and goblins in Mantua Township, NJ will enjoy it on Friday.

Even before the imminent rain there was a popular movement gaining traction that would move Halloween to the last Saturday of the month every year.

This all reminds me of the back-to-back years that here in Summit, NJ we lost Halloween twice. The first time was in 2011 for a crazy freak “Snowtober” storm that left us without power for almost two weeks. The second was Superstorm Sandy, which had the same impact in 2012. On both occasions I wrote poems that were published in the local media. The content is hyper-local and may not make sense to those in other towns, but you can get the gist.

Does this year’s rain-fest warrant more verse???

How Mother Nature Stole Halloween

By Melanie Wilson, October 2011

(with apologies to Dr. Seuss!)

Every resident of Summit

Liked Halloween a lot…

But Mother Nature

Who lived just North of Summit

Did NOT!

Mother Nature hated Halloween! That whole orange season.

Now please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

She snuck into town that mid-Saturday.

Blowing down branches and trees in her way.

She spread that white snow all over our Summit

We worried whether the temperature would plummet.

The branches came down. Snow covered limbs came and went.

The lights were put out. Telephone poles bent.

But what about Halloween? That sacred kid’s day.

Would Hilltoppers let a storm get in the way?

Mayor Glatt called. Say it ain’t so.

The Goblins and Ghosts and Witches can’t go.

The moms said, “The costumes! I stitched capes and knickers!”

“And I can’t be left all alone with the Snickers!”

So what about school? My kids need to learn.

And we are running out of dry firewood to burn.

The calls come each day. The emails come too.

But the trucks they don’t come. No power for you.

We live in the dark. But we Facebook and Tweet.

We look up the block, but no trucks roam our street.

We visit the Grandmas, the friends and the Aunts.

Can we stay here tonight? At our home, we just can’t

‘Fore it is too cold to sleep in our bed.

Our cell phones are ringing…another Code Red.

Our halls remain dark, our food it all rots.

The Middle School fills up with chargers and cots.

The Red Cross is busy. The volunteers rock.

Our laundry is bursting with sweatshirts and socks.

We fear for our basements. The sump pumps can’t pump.

And we must transport our own trees to the dump.

Oh Summit, our Summit. Mother Nature is mean.

Can’t anything be done about Halloween?

That Grinchy-like weather stole all of our joy.

And fostered these questions from each girl and boy.

Like will we have Christmas or Fourth of July?

Or will she steal that in the blink of an eye?

Hilltoppers: chins up! This has been a bummer

I hope that we won’t be in school come mid-summer!

Mother Nature Steals Halloween, Revisited

Superstorm Sandy, October 2012

By Melanie Wilson

Will she or won’t she, we all want to know.

Will she drop rain, leaves or (worse) snow?

The Hurricane Center’s warnings we sure have all seen.

Will we again have to cancel our Halloween?

Believe not a word? The meteorologist a joker?

Sam Champion a farce! A liar: Al Roker?

Sandy headed through Kingston and right toward the shore.

She’s tracking past Cuba to knock on our door.

Will she head out to sea, give us merely a glance?

Or will a “Perfect Storm” be the worst circumstance?

Call it a hurricane, Nor’easter or storm

Depends on her path and the shape she will form

As to whether we’re walloped. What’s your belief?

Will you dust off the generator? Sigh with relief?

“Frankenstorm?” Really? An unnatural beast

With nothing but vengeance headed toward the northeast?

Gale force winds, drenching rain, they’re predicting it all

With heavy, wet branches filled with leaves that will fall.

Come next Tuesday morning we’ll all know for sure

Whether it’ll happen again…just like before.

No witches. No goblins. No Halloween fright.

No Snickers. No Reese’s. No Trick or Treat Night?

The kids, oh the kids, please say it ain’t so

How can this happen two years in a row?

Mother Nature please hope with all of your might

That those weather forecasters just really ain’t right.

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