• Melanie Wilson

Did I Put the "Melan" in "Melancholy?"

Updated: Feb 4

I just scrolled my Facebook feed and saw lots of friendly, familiar faces laughing as they danced and celebrated at a party I was not invited to.

The friends were sharing photos from this weekend’s parent fundraiser for the high school my son graduated from three years ago.

Most of these friends have kids who went to school with him, but I have two girls already out of college, while they all have children still in high school.

They are living a life I graduated from, and, at times like this, I miss it.

When my kids were at school, I was one of the belles of the ball. Heck, I chaired most of the balls. I was “that parent.” The one who could not sit by idly while the others planned what to eat and what music we should listen to. I spent my summers raising funds for the sports programs, and spent my winters decorating the lobby for the school musical. I brought Toll House to the bake sales and chaperoned the Speech and Debate weekend tournaments in other states. I did it all, and then it ended.

For three years, I have pursued lots of other channels. I am very involved with businesses in town and local women’s groups. I volunteer for multiple organizations. I am busy and fulfilled.

But still...I miss that text at the beginning of the school year from the friends who confirm that it’s okay to put me down as their emergency contact.

And when I see photos like I did tonight, I feel a twinge of sadness.

Once again, I turn to the wise sage Dr. Seuss for a little perspective, and remind myself of the quote, “Don’t Cry Because It’s Over; Smile Because It Happened.”

I am grateful for the wonderful experiences I had, but still…




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