• Melanie Wilson

And How Was Your Morning?

I put some drops in my ear this morning, and immediately clogged my right ear. Couldn't hear a thing. It threw me off my routine, and before I knew it I was late for the gym.

A few minutes later I was searching the house everywhere for my car keys. Jacket pockets. Purse. No luck. I remembered my husband drove my car last night to pick up a new bicycle, and I called him accusing him of making me late. A quick lecture about putting things back where they belong. Responsibility. It's amazing how many cliches you can weave together in under a minute.

He got a little panicky for a moment and said "let me think where I could have put them."

About 10 seconds later I said to him, "Oh, never mind."

They were in my hand. I mean really? In my hand?

I got to the gym and went to take off my jacket. Oops. I forgot to put on a shirt.

Really? No shirt?

I tried to do the class in my warm-up jacket, but got overheated very quickly.

I give myself a lot of credit, because I did stop myself from walking out of the class by wiggling out of the sleeves of the jacket and tying them around my chest. Like a strapless ballgown...made by Nike.

I did not win any fashion awards this morning!!

#badmorning #almostnaked #thankgoodnessforsportsbras



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