• Melanie Wilson

A Plethora of Word Choices, What Are Some Favorites?

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Without looking it up, do you know what asyndeton is? I bow down to my 20-year old son who was a huge help to me tonight in editing a piece. He told me to use asyndeton in a particular sentence, and I had to look up its meaning. Now the piece has clarity, coherence, intelligence.

What are some of the favorite words you like to use? For a while I was on a bit of a "plethora" and a "dearth" kick, until someone told me I used plethora often. I don't believe that I have used it since.

Some time back, a family friend told my husband and me that all of the flowers in his garden had been denuded. Even though we were able to use context at the time, we looked it up for the exact meaning and now it always gives us a chuckle.

Ubiquitous is another good one. And omniscient. And what about word avoidance? I never understood why so many people have a problem with "moist." I don't think I have any words that I consider taboo. Do you?

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