Who is Melanie Wilson?

I started this media company because I listened to some sage advice I heard at a women's business empowerment/networking meeting.

That advice was:  We don’t have to do it all ourselves; it's best to focus on the part of our business that we are best at and parcel out the rest.

  • I write well, and can teach others techniques so that they can be good writers too. 

  • I also love identifying what women need, and connecting women who are meant to work together.

  • And, I love helping small businesses (again, mostly women owned) come up with creative marketing ideas so that they can grow.

I packaged my skills, and now offer them to those who want to write a little better, or, perhaps, not have to think about writing at all and focus on the parts of their business that made them want to launch it in the first place.

I love my local community and supporting local.  My passion for community involvement started when I attended my first PTO meeting when my oldest daughter was in kindergarten. 

"Are you PTO president yet," my husband asked when I got home. While it did take a few years to get that top job, my long career of service and support to the local community had begun.

I spent the next 25 years working on various projects in and around Summit, NJ:


  • For over a decade I was president of Speak Up Summit, a public education advocacy group.  I organized monthly meetings with speakers and wrote articles to inform the general community about was going in the local public school district--things like curriculum and budget, but also what was going on in New Jersey and across the country that would impact our schools.

  • I helped multiple local groups raise funds through publishing ad journals for them, and sold online advertising for a start-up newspaper and can teach you how to publish an online or print journal for your business.

  • For nearly eight years I have run a local chapter of BIG--Believe, Inspire, Grow, a women's empowerment group.    BIG provides inspiration, tools, and community for entrepreneurial women.  I have planned monthly meetings and events for 100 dues-paying members, including an annual "Expo of Products and Services," and numerous panel discussions. I love planning special events and programs, and can show you how to successfully incorporate this into your business.

  • For a few years now I have been the Board of Education reporter for TAPinto Summit, and have recently launched "Melodrama" a slice-of-life column on the web site.

  • I have worked with a local, professional theatre company for the past several years helping them find new, creative ways to get more butts in their seats and generate new revenue streams.


As my work in the community advanced, the next logical step for me was to create a workshop to help women find their own voice when they write, and to teach them how to get publicity for their businesses, their awards, and their projects.

I have lived in Summit, NJ for over 25 years. My husband and I are watching our three little birds slowly leave the nest.  
















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